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Recommendations for Taking Care of your Dog's Teeth

We all worry about how to make sure our dog's teeth are taken care of. We also want their breath to smell better, because we all know dog's breath is not the best! Your about to get excited, because help is here! There are many options to help take care of your dog's teeth. The first place to start is, you guessed it: your dog's diet. A diet low in carbohydrates, meat-based and free of filers will be ideal. Also, if is feasible, a raw diet may help reduce plaque build-up on the teeth, providing healthier gums and a cleaner mouth.

Now to chewing. Many dogs will benefit from chewing raw bones at least a few times a month. There are several different options from raw beef bones or chicken necks to chicken backs. There are also several dental specific treats and chews. The Bluegrass Barkery carries many different dental treats from a variety of companies like Tropiclean, Art Naturals and Merrick. These chews are formulated with added ingredients to help breakdown existing plaque build-up on the teeth and prevent tarter from building up on the teeth. There are also many other bones to encourage your dog to chew and to clean their teeth. These range from kunckles to beef bones. And the Barkery carries a wide selection of safe chew bones for your pet. In addition to targeting plaque build-up, chewing also increases salvia production which aids in the breakdown of bacteria in your dog's mouths. Always watch you pet closely when giving any bone, especially when trying out a new one. Some dogs have problems with chewing harder bones, these dogs can benefit more from using the dental sticks and brushing.

Brushing a dog's teeth is no easy task! But, with proper training and practicing, you will be brushing your dog's teeth like a pro! First, make sure your pet is okay with you touching his or her mouth. If not, this is a good place to start. Treat train until your able to touch your dogs mouth and rub their gums with your finger. Start with 30 seconds or so increasing the time you spend cleaning your dog's mouth until they are comfortable. There are fingerbrushes avaliable if your dog is okay with that instead of using a conventional doggy toothbrush. A good toothpaste is key! Finding one that is beef or vanilla flavor will encourage your dog to comply a little easier. The video attached will help you with the exact technique and the best way to make sure you clean all the teeth.

"Clean Teeth...Healthy Dogs"

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